Public Accountability

Erie Shores HealthCare is committed to accountability and transparency.

In compliance with provincial legislation, the following information, including executive contracts, financial statements, and important quality and performance measures, is updated regularly. View our Hospital Service Accountability agreement by clicking this link.


Executive Salary Disclosure

Expense Reports

Hospital BPS Attestations



Executive Salary Disclosure

The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, 1996 (the act) makes Ontario's public sector more open and accountable to taxpayers. The act requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario to disclose annually the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year.

The act applies to organizations such as the Government of Ontario, Crown Agencies, Municipalities, Hospitals, Boards of Public Health, School Boards, Universities, Colleges, Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation, and other public sector employers who receive a significant level of funding from the provincial government.

All organizations covered by the Act are required to disclose employee salaries to the public by March 31.

The details of the Public Sector Salary Disclosure can be found online by visiting the following website:


Executive and Board Expense Reports

In 2010, the Ontario Government passed the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act which requires hospitals to publicly post any expense claims made by hospital executives and Board directors.

Erie Shores HealthCare believes in complete transparency. Below is a full reporting of all general travel and hospitality expenses as approved under the ESHC Expense Reimbursement Policy. You can read the policy by clicking here.



Compliance Attestations

The Broader Public Sector (BPS) Accountability Act requires hospitals to provide attestations of their compliance with the legislation and also to report on their use of consultants. Please find a listing below of our reports by year:


Hospital Attestation 2021 - 2022 

Use of Consultants 2021 - 2022 



Hospital Attestation 2020 - 2021

Use of Consultants 2020 - 2021



Hospital Attestation 2019 - 2020

Use of Consultants 2019-2020