Maternal Newborn Program

Two nurses in front of newborn weigh stationErie Shores HealthCare offers level one - low risk obstetrical and neonatal care to meet the needs of the communities we serve. We have 2 male obstetricians/gynecologists (Dr. Ogah & Dr. Yekinni), we collaborate with both branches of the midwifery collections in Windsor-Essex who are ready to make this “beginning of life” a memorable event for both you and your extended family.

Our Model of Care

Family-centered maternity and newborn care is a complex, multidimensional, dynamic process of providing safe, skilled, and individualized care. It responds to the physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs of the woman and her family. In family-centered maternity and newborn care, such care recognizes the significance of family support, participation, and choice. This type of care reflects an attitude, rather than a protocol. Normally, the care of the couplet is done by one primary nurse who organizes and plans for all aspects of care for both the mother and infant.

Choosing Maternal-Newborn Services at Erie Shores HealthCare

There are many reasons why you should choose Erie Shores HealthCare for your birthing experience. We are affiliated with the Perinatal Outreach Program at the London Health Sciences Center in London Ontario. This program keeps us up to date with quality of care standards for mothers and babies. We are an active member of the Maternal Newborn Child Youth Network (MNCYN) of Ontario which serves as a clinical resource and communication tool for health care providers involved in the delivery of maternal and child care throughout the province. LDMH is fully accredited by the Canadian Council of Health Services Accreditation, meaning that we have achieved a high level of acceptable standards of care. What we hear most often is that here at Erie Shores HealthCare we provide "Compassionate Care - Close to Home" which is convenient and family centered.

Extensively Trained and Certified Maternal-Newborn Nursing Team

Our nurses are all certified in Neonatal Resuscitation and also have advanced training as it relates to fetal monitoring, breast feeding, acute care of the at risk newborn (ACORN), as well as the ability to handle obstetrical emergencies. You will have a nurse with you during labour who will support your birthing plan and anticipate your needs.

There are nurses from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit that see all of our patients prior to discharge, and continue to keep in contact with you when you go home. If needed, they will even make a home visit. The staff from both the health unit and ESHC, are all highly trained in breast feeding and will work with you, as well as providing resources in the community.

Choices of providers that are available for your prenatal care include 2 male OB/GYNE with many others that have privileges here at ESHC, along with 3 midwives and many other midwives part of the Windsor midwives that have ESHC privileges. Our multidisciplinary team works very well together providing you with high quality evidenced based care.

Single Room Maternity Care

We are a “single room maternity care” model, which means that you labor, birth and recover in the same room and your baby stays with you at all times. There is not a traditional “nursery” at ESHC. This type of care gives parent ample time while here in the hospital, to learn how to care for their newborn by giving “hands on care” with nursing support. Since all of our rooms are private, we encourage unrestricted visitation, pending your needs. Our unit also has controlled access to provide for infant security.

Level one - Low risk Obstetrical and Neonatal Care

We are able to care for pregnancies that are 36 weeks and beyond, level one - low risk obstetrical and neonatal care. In the event that transfer of a mother and/or baby is needed to a higher level of care, a transport team that responds from the nearest center, which is typically Windsor Regional Hospital or London Health Sciences Centre. We make every effort to keep mothers and infants together in the event of a transfer.

Elective and emergency caesarian sections, inductions and vaginal birth after caesarian section (VBAC) services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The majority of scheduled procedures are accomplished during regular business hours, but if needed in urgent situations, the on-call team is readily available.

There are several possibilities available to manage any discomfort you may have in labour which include:

  • 24 hour epidural availability
  • Narcotics that can be given intramuscularly or intravenously
  • Entonox gas, which you breathe
  • Use of birthing balls, bars, rockers, ambulation in early labour
  • Shower
  • Massage