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At Erie Shores HealthCare (ESHC), we are committed to being an innovative and connected center of excellence in patient care. The Academic Office for Research (OoR) is a new department at ESHC, dedicated to advancing the academic and research mission of our healthcare facility. As part of our broader initiatives, we aim to enhance health research capacity in Essex County, thereby attracting top talent and facilitating access to the latest advancements in clinical care.  


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The Academic Office for Research serves as the centralized resource for all clinicians and students interested in research at ESHC.

Our main objectives include:


  • Centralizing, providing oversight, and streamlining research at ESHC to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Providing administrative support for approved research projects, making the process seamless for researchers. 
  • Standardizing research processes across the healthcare system to maintain consistency and quality. 
  • Strengthening local partnerships, fostering collaboration, and building a robust health research system in Essex County. 
  • Improving the quality of clinical care and the overall health of the population we serve. 
  • Realizing revenue opportunities to sustain and expand research efforts. 
  • Celebrating local talent and successes in healthcare research.

Who We Are

The Academic Office for Research reports to the Medical Advisory Committee and the ESHC Board of Directors. Our team operates under the guidance of the Academic Research Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Medical Advisory Committee and collaborates closely with the University of Windsor Research Ethics Board. Additionally, we are proud partners of WE-SPARK Health Institute—a collaborative effort involving Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, St. Clair College, University of Windsor, Windsor Regional Hospital, and ESHC. Together, we leverage our collective strengths to support the academic and research mission at ESHC.

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Resources and Information

Research Start-Up Process

To initiate any new research projects at ESHC, please complete the Research Intake Form (RIF) and submit it to the Office of Research. The RIF is a crucial step in our feasibility review process, ensuring that the project aligns with available resources at ESHC. Upon approval, the project can proceed to the Research Ethics Board (REB) review. You can also submit your draft REB application forms or study protocol to initiate the review.


For additional clarity, view the Research Intake Process flowchart.

To access our Confidentiality Agreement, click here. 

Research Ethics Board

Once the Research Intake process with the Office of Research is complete, you can proceed to submit your research project to the University of Windsor Research Ethics Board (UWindsor REB) for approval. We will guide you through the administrative review, ensuring all necessary documents and attachments are included. If your project requires approval from Central REBs, we will facilitate the process for you.

Research Contracts

If your research project requires institutional signatures for contracts (e.g., data transfer agreements, confidential disclosure agreements, clinical trial agreements), please submit the relevant documents to the Office of Research. We will coordinate legal review and sign-off. Additionally, we can assist with the drafting of contract templates for external collaborations.

Research Funding

ESHC researchers are encouraged to explore research funding opportunities for which they are eligible. Before applying, undergo a feasibility review using the Research Intake form to ensure alignment with ESHC resources and budget. Funding opportunities are also available through our partnership with WE-SPARK Health Institute.

Student Research

Students interested in research opportunities at ESHC, whether for non-paid academic placement or volunteer experience, can follow our general on-boarding steps. Please contact the Office of Research to get started.

Click here for the Academic Office for Research Standard Operating Procedures document list.



For any research-related inquiries, you can reach us at:


194 Talbot West, Leamington, Ontario, N8H 1N9



519-326-2373 ext. 4014



We are excited to support and foster a culture of research excellence at Erie Shores HealthCare. Together, we can make significant strides in advancing healthcare for our community and beyond.