Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy ServicesOur dedicated staff of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are an important part of the ESHC team with many roles and responsibilities.

Our pharmacy technicians are vital in making sure the hospital has the medication supply it needs while managing costs and reducing waste. We have an outstanding team of pharmacy technicians that have exemplary training and years of experience giving them the ability to manage a complex drug distribution system that uses unit-dose packaging, a centralized intravenous admixture program, and sterile compounding service.

We have an excellent team of well-trained clinical pharmacists dedicated to patient care. Our pharmacists manage patient’s drug therapies to ensure optimal treatment by reviewing their medications and recommend changes to make sure that the right drugs are used for each patient to manage their illness. Pharmacists work closely with nurses, physicians and other members of the healthcare team to deliver personal and high quality care and safe medication practice. Our pharmacists provide many specialized services including collection of best possible medication history and medication reconciliation, individualized drug dosing, monitoring antibiotic therapies, monitoring intravenous nutrition as well as providing patient education.

If you find yourself here at ESHC we encourage you to ask to see a pharmacist if you have any question about your medications. We will do the best we can to make sure you go home understanding the medications you’re taking and that you know how to take them properly.