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Welcome to the Meet Our Team page of Erie Shores HealthCare, where we proudly introduce you to the dedicated professionals who make our hospital a beacon of exceptional healthcare. Our team is comprised of passionate individuals from various departments, each contributing their expertise and compassion to ensure the best possible patient care. Get to know our remarkable team members and discover the impactful initiatives happening in each department.

Nursing Department: Our nursing team is the heart of Erie Shores HealthCare, providing compassionate care and support to our patients. With a commitment to excellence, our nurses embrace evidence-based practices and continually strive for professional growth. Through initiatives such as our Nurse Mentorship Program, we foster an environment that promotes knowledge sharing and mentorship to nurture the next generation of nursing leaders. Our nursing team includes Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Nurse Practitioners (RPNs), Personal Support Workers (PSWs), and Clinical Externs.

Emergency Department: The Emergency Department (ED) team is the first line of defence when it comes to urgent medical care. Our dedicated ED professionals work tirelessly to provide timely and compassionate emergency services. We take pride in our commitment to reducing wait times and ensuring efficient triage protocols, allowing us to deliver prompt and high-quality care to our patients during critical moments.

Surgical Program: In our Surgical Program, a skilled team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and support staff work collaboratively to deliver exceptional surgical care. We are proud to offer advanced surgical techniques and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our department is committed to ongoing improvement and innovation, constantly exploring new approaches and technologies to enhance surgical procedures.

Diagnostic Imaging: At Erie Shores HealthCare, our Diagnostic Imaging department plays a vital role in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Our team of radiologists, technologists (MRTs), and support staff utilize cutting-edge imaging technologies to provide comprehensive diagnostic services. We prioritize patient safety and comfort, ensuring a compassionate and efficient imaging experience for all.

Rehabilitation Services: Our Rehabilitation Services team is dedicated to helping patients regain function and improve their quality of life. With a multidisciplinary approach, our therapists provide personalized care and tailored treatment plans for a wide range of conditions. From physical therapy and occupational therapy to speech-language pathology, we are committed to restoring independence and empowering our patients to reach their full potential.

Administration and Support Staff: Behind the scenes, our dedicated administrative and support staff work tirelessly to keep our hospital running smoothly. From managing schedules and finances to maintaining a welcoming environment for patients and visitors, our administrative team ensures the efficient operation of Erie Shores HealthCare. Join our team and contribute to the behind-the-scenes initiatives that make a difference in the lives of our patients and colleagues.


At Erie Shores, we are proud of our team's dedication and the meaningful initiatives happening in each department. Join us and become part of a collaborative and supportive environment where you can make a real impact on the health and well-being of our community. We value each team member and provide ample opportunities for professional growth and advancement. Together, let's shape the future of exceptional healthcare at Erie Shores HealthCare.