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Due to the current number COVID-19 cases across Essex County and Chatham-Kent, Erie Shores HealthCare is implementing enhanced visitor screening requirements.



Patient is COVID-19 Negative or Positive
A patient may designate FOUR caregivers for their stay at ESHC. ONE designated caregiver at a time is allowed at the patient's bedside between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. COVID-positive visitors will not be allowed entry to the hospital. Visitors must wear a surgical mask and other PPE as required. (see below for palliative or end-of-life exceptions).


Emergency Department 

Patient has NO COVID-19 Symptoms

TWO designated caregivers may be identified by the patient, with ONE designated caregiver allowed at the bedside. The other caregiver will be asked to wait outside the hospital. The visitor must wear a surgical mask and other PPE as required.

Patient has COVID-19 Symptoms
No visitors will be permitted, with some exceptions (see below).


Outpatients (DI, OR, General Surgery Clinic, OB Triage) 

ONE designated caregiver may accompany the patient, providing there is space for physical distancing in the waiting areas. The visitor must wear a surgical mask and other PPE as required.




ESHC has introduced limited exceptions to this visitor policy.

  • One parent/guardian of an ill newborn, child or youth 
  • One support person for a patient with dementia/cognitive impairment as approved by hospital management
  • ESHC utilizes medical translation services; a translator will be allowed in only if necessary. 

Palliative / End-of-Life 

Patient is COVID-19 Negative 

  • Unlimited visitors will be allowed; however, ONLY TWO may be at the bedside at any given time
  • Must be age 18 or older
  • Must not be on Public Health orders for Self Isolation


Patient is COVID-19 Positive / Suspected 

  • COVID-19 palliative patients may have unlimited designated visitors; however, ONLY TWO may be at the bedside at any time.
  • These visitors should limit entering and leaving the building as much as possible.
  • Visitors must wear PPE and with full disclosure that they are putting themselves at risk for infection.
  • These visitors should limit entering/leaving the building.
  • COVID-19 + visitors will not be allowed entry due to the risk they present to other patients and staff.
  • Any visitor must not be under orders to isolate from the local health unit (i.e. from the same home as the infected individual).

Woman in Labour

FOUR support persons/visitors will be chosen by the patient, with no time restrictions, with only ONE support person at the bedside. Must be age 18 or older and must wear a surgical mask.

If the Woman in Labour is confirmed or suspected COVID-19:

  • Visitors remain with the patient in the same physical environment throughout the care delivery,
  • The clinical team is able to provide visitors with a safe environment and teaching necessary for infection control.
  • The visitor is masked and reports to Public Health as they may be required to self-isolate, depending on test results.


A woman going to OB triage:
  • May have ONE designated support person
  • Must wear a surgical mask during the duration of their time at Erie Shores.

 Virtual Family Visits

Erie Shores HealthCare understands the important role family plays in a patient's recovery. Virtual Family Visits are offered to allow patients and their loved ones to visit while still maintaining necessary COVID-19 precautions. Instead, patients speak with loved ones using a telephone, smartphone or computer/tablet. Virtual Family Visits are approximately 20 minutes long and can be booked in advance online. Click this link for more information or to book your virtual visit: /virtualfamilyvisitrequest 


Additional Information




All OUTPATIENTS AND VISITORS will continue to be required to wear medical-grade masks (no cloth masks) upon entry to the hospital. Visitors are reminded to wash their hands before entering and after leaving a patient room.




Single serving, pre-packaged food may be dropped off at the screeners' desk inside the Main Entrance to be brought up for the patient, if allowed - NO external food for ICU patients. No homemade food/baked goods or communal food is allowed.


Personal Item Drop-Off 


Visitors must bag and room tag all personal items before delivery. Glasses, hearing aids, dentures, one personal cell phone/tablet, or clothing required for patients who are being imminently discharged may be dropped off at a hospital entrance, and hospital staff will take them to a patient's room. Rehab patients will be allowed shoes and daily changes of clothes as required by their prescribed therapy.