Info for Patients

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The Cafeteria is open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday to Friday, closed on weekends and holidays. The Cafeteria is located on the first floor, which is through the Main Entrance off Fader Street and take the elevators up. Vending machines are located outside the cafeteria.

Crisis Intervention:

Counsellors are available to help you or your family deal with a crisis situation.


Flowers, parcels, and mail will be delivered to your room. Please note: Flowers are prohibited in ICU.


Scent Free Policy

Many elements in the environment can trigger or influence health and disease.

Considering others who may suffer from chemical sensitivities and/or allergies, we request that you refrain from wearing scents such as perfumes, colognes, hairspray or aftershave when at Erie Shores HealthCare.


Erie Shores HealthCare (ESHC) offers telephone interpretation services within every department. The service offers immediate access to qualified interpreters in over 170+ languages. Our phone interpretation services are part of ESHC's commitment to Patient and Family-Centred Care. Phone interpretation encourages the highest standard of language support delivered by specially trained interpreters and allows patients to communicate more effectively with physicians, nurses and other hospital staff.


If you require interpretation services while at ESHC, please advise your health care provider.


Pet Policy:

Erie Shores HealthCare recognizes the importance and value a pet contributes to the well-being and mental health of its owner or those who interact with pets, and when controlled appropriately, the benefits can outweigh the risk of zoonotic transmission. Some restrictions will be applied for pet visitation in the acute care setting.

Dogs are the only personal pets permitted for pet visitation.

These guidelines do not refer to the Pet Visitation Dogs registered through the Department of Volunteer Services and Student Registration.

This policy does not refer to Service Animals accompanying patients to hospital appointments.

Where Can I Find?

Business Office:

1st floor - Centre hall, North wing


1st floor - Centre hall

Gift Shop:

Basement Floor, through Main Entrance near ER


Emergency waiting room

Elevator lobby on each floor

Public Washrooms:

Emergency waiting room

1st floor - North corridor

2S/ICU - West corridor

Wireless Network:

Erie Shores HealthCare is pleased to offer guest wireless internet access. This wireless network is available, at no charge, for patients and their guests to use as long as the person is an inpatient at ESHC.


ESHC Wireless Guest Network instructions.