X-Ray & Diagnostic Imaging

ESHC X-Ray Machine 

Our X-Ray & Diagnostic Imaging department at Erie Shores HealthCare has a number of offerings for patients.



X-ray imaging is quick, easy, and useful for diagnosing injuries, bone diseases, fractures, infections, degenerative diseases, cancer or any other condition.

Erie Shores HealthCare is allowing patients with an X-Ray requisition to self-schedule appointments at a convenient time for them. Same-day and next-day appointments are available through the booking system below:




Fluoroscopy is a medical imaging test that uses an x-ray beam that passes continuously through the body to create an image. The image is projected on a monitor which allows doctors to see the movement of internal organs in real-time.

Appointments for fluoroscopy may be booked through your physician. 


A breast X-Ray is the most effective examination to screen for breast cancer as early as possible, even when there are no symptoms. A breast X-Ray makes it possible to see the structures inside the breast and detect small-sized lesions that are likely to go undetected during palpation (e.g. cysts, calcifications and tumours)

A requisition is required for anyone under 50 years old. Any person over 50 years old may book a mammogram by calling 519-326-2373 x4000.


Attention Healthcare Providers:

If the patient is self-booking their own X-Ray, please provide the requisition to the patient and do not fax it.

We recommend you use OCEAN eReferral to submit your requisitions for General X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT, or Mammography (including OBSP). If you are interested in learning more about OCEAN,  click here to ask for someone to contact you about OCEAN eReferral or email eReferral@eHealthCE.ca

We also accept paper requisitions by fax. Click here for an electronic version of our current requisitions for Diagnostic Imaging.