LifeLabs Data Breach: What You Need To Know

December 19, 2019

LifeLabs Data Breach: What You Need To Know...

 Date: December 19th 2019 


LifeLabs had a large data breach which has affected 15 million of their patients.

Information that was compromised included health card numbers, names, email addresses, login, passwords and dates of birth. However, LifeLabs says wasn’t sure how many of the files were accessed during the breach.
The company says the hackers did obtain test results from as many as 85,000 Ontario residents, dated 2016 and earlier.

The ESHC Laboratory uses LifeLabs as one of the referral Laboratories and samples from ESHC patients may have been sent to LifeLabs. ESHC is aware of the incident and is in communication with health care providers and LifeLabs on the incident.

LifeLabs is reaching out directly to the 85,000 patients.
LifeLabs has activated a dedicated call centre for this incident.

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