ESHC Reverts Back To Phase 1 of Visitor Policy

July 18, 2020

Effective immediately, ESHC will revert to Phase 1 of our Visitor Policy.
Phase 1 Visitation allows visitation only in the following settings:


1.) Patients who are actively dying: An inpatient who is actively dying, as defined by the Most Responsible Physician (MRP), may have no more than two family members present at a time and within reason. This includes patients receiving Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).


2.) Patient who is actively dying and has COVID-19: If the patient who is dying has COVID-19, they may have one family member with them. This may have to be someone who is not a member of the same household as the patient in order to be able to pass the screening, which currently restricts access to persons in close contact with known or suspected persons with COVID-19. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided by the clinical unit for this family member to keep them safe while they are with their loved one. Note: this direction may
change at any time based on COVID-19 prevalence within the community or hospital.


3.) Patients for whom we cannot provide safe care without a family member present (inpatient or outpatient): A small number of patients (e.g. very frail/elderly, patient with dementia, person who is non-verbal or severely disabled) require a family member to be present because we cannot provide safe care otherwise. In this case and at the direction of the clinical provider/team, a family member may be required to accompany a patient.


4.) Emergency Department: A patient who is at imminent risk of dying may have a loved one present with them during their Emergency Department (ED) stay. Patients with cognitive or mobility difficulties may be accompanied by one person during their ED stay. Pediatric patients in the Emergency Department are permitted to be accompanied by one adult family member.


5.) Women in Labour/Post-Partum: Women in active labour may be accompanied by one adult family member. This includes the duration of their post-partum stay.


6.) Paediatrics: Paediatric patients (Inpatients, Emergency Department and Perioperative Services) may have up to one adult family members present. Please note: the Hospital remains at an overall Pandemic Response Stage 1B. The above change does not affect the booking of procedures or surgeries.


We highly value and respect the role that visitors for our patients play in their recovery, and we realize that this is a troubling development.


This decision will be reviewed on a weekly basis with further updates to be made as soon as possible.