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Patients & Visitors
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Patients & Visitors

Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities



Charter of Patient

Rights and Responsibilities


“Our commitment to you and what you can do to help us.”


As a patient and/or substitute decision maker you

have the right to…


  • Be safe from harm in our Hospital

  • Be treated in a compassionate and respectful way

  • Be free from abuse, exploitation and discrimination

  • Understand and have a choice in decisions regarding your care

  • Refuse service or refuse to have certain people involved in your service

  • Have a support person or advocate involved in your care

  • Appeal a care plan decision, file a complaint or raise concerns about the quality of service

  • Take part or refuse to take part in research or clinical trials

  • Have the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information protected

  • Be aware of how your personal information is used

  • Have access to your health records

  • Have your questions answered in language you understand

  • Maintain cultural practices and pursue spiritual beliefs  



You and/or your substitute decision maker have the

responsibility to…


  • Be polite and respect other patients, visitors and people involved in  your care

  • Give accurate information to help plan your care

  • Ask questions of the people giving your care

  • Report any safety risks

  • Observe rules and regulations

  • Accept responsibility for the choices and decisions you and/or your substitute decision maker make about your care

  • Accept responsibility for any personal belongings you keep in hospital

  • Name one person as your contact person so your family members can get information about you through that person

  • Limit the number of visitors you have in hospital

  • Take part in planning your care  

  • Tell us if you are not satisfied with the care you received

  • Be prepared to leave the hospital by 11 a.m. once discharged


How to tell us you’re not satisfied  or have a



  • Tell the nurse caring for you or

  • Call the Patient Advocate at extension 4118 or

  • Ask to speak to the Manager

  • Advise your attending physician

     We want you to leave our Hospital completely satisfied. Please let us know what we did well and what we need to improve on.


Revised October 24, 2016

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